COVID-19 Update

April 9, 2020

A message regarding COVID-19 from the Connecticut Art Trail members:

In accordance with the State of Connecticut and the safety of our friends and family, all museums are closed.

Are you interested in how you can support your favorite museum during the current public health crisis? Check out these ideas:

  • Join their email list! Stay up to date on their current exhibitions and activities.
  • Follow your favorite museums on social media! Stay up to date and take a break from news on your feed.
  • Like, comment, tag a friend, and/or share on a museum’s social media posts! Not only are you helping the museum, but you also get to share beautiful artwork with your friends and family.
  • Become a member of your museum! Get exclusive insider information & join the art community!
  • Consider Donating! Every dollar counts! Help bring in a unique exhibit to your community or provide a field trip for school children.

For a full list of members of the CT Art Trail and their contact information click here. Follow our social media for updates!


We have extended the CT Art Trail program. You will have 18 months from purchasing your passport to complete your passport.

Questions? Contact Barbara Paquin at [email protected]