New Britain Museum of American Art – Virtual Key-Note Lecture for “The Poetry of Nature”

January 30, 2022 @ 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Re-Thinking the Hudson River School: From Proto-environmentalism to Manifest Destiny with Betsy Kornhauser
By the mid-nineteenth century, a fraternity of painters working in New York City, together with like-minded poets and writers, developed a distinctly American vision of landscape art. Their depictions of American wilderness and cultivated scenery would later be dubbed the Hudson River School, helping to shape both the national and cultural identity of the United States.
This talk will re-examine the works of Thomas Cole, who launched the Hudson River School, and who is thought to be the first proto-environmental artist in the United States, his student Frederic E. Church, who created national imagery during the Civil War era, and artists such as Albert Bierstadt, who celebrated Manifest destiny, encouraging white settlement in the American West, disrupting the homelands of Indigenous communities.
Note: This event will be virtual ONLY.