Scores for the Stars, Part II @ The Aldrich

June 20, 2021 @ 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum
258 Main Street
CT 06877

Scores for the Stars, 2020-21, is a two-part series by artist Ander Mikalson commissioned by The Aldrich and dedicated to Frank Stella’s Stars. Part II will occur as a live performance in the Museum’s Sculpture Garden on the summer solstice (June 20, 2021), when the sun is highest in sky. The scores performed on the summer solstice will be about winter. More information about this performance will be announced soon.

Part I was a two-channel sound installation presented in the Museum’s Sculpture Garden from December 21, 2020 to January 3, 2021, celebrating the winter solstice (December 21, 2020), a time when our largest star, the sun, is lowest in the sky.

Mikalson said, “On the winter solstice we serenade the Stars with songs about summer. On the summer solstice we serenade the Stars with songs about winter. We play songs of the opposite season in a gesture of longing, of collapsing and layering time, of acknowledging cycles, of grappling with the impossibility of time across distance. When we look at the stars we see light that burned billions of years ago; we literally look into the past. The universe is balanced. Contained within each thing is the possibility of its opposite. In this particularly dark winter of isolation, playing songs of summer is also a gesture of hope.”

Mikalson’s Scores for the Stars was created in response to the exhibition Frank Stella’s Stars, A Survey. It was organized by Education Director Namulen Bayarsaihan and Senior Curator Amy Smith-Stewart. Frank Stella’s Stars, A Survey is on view inside the Museum through May 9, 2021; the outdoor work installed throughout the Museum’s grounds is on view through September 7, 2021.

Ander Mikalson (b. 1983) is a New York-based artist working in performance, sound, sculpture, and drawing.

Co-sponsored by Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra.

Photography and Video Notice:

Photographs and video footage will be shot during this program. If you attend, you will be deemed to have agreed to being photographed and videotaped for any and all purposes which the images may be used. If you do not wish to be photographed and videotaped, please contact the Museum at [email protected]. Thank you for your cooperation.