Eastern Connecticut University Art Gallery

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Eastern Art Gallery is the cultural incubator on campus of Eastern Connecticut State University.  The Gallery has a 40-year history of exhibitions of contemporary art that have inspired students, faculty, and the community.
With a firm dedication to the public liberal arts mission of the University, the Gallery and Museum Services are committed to providing exhibition programming with depth and relevance to multiple disciplines and a diverse campus and community audience. The gallery is located in a state-of-the art Fine Arts Instructional Center, which houses two professional theaters and additional recital spaces. All of these resources provide extensive programs for both on-campus and off-campus community.
About Eastern: Eastern Connecticut State University is Connecticut’s sole public liberal arts university. Founded in 1889, it is the second-oldest campus in the Connecticut State University System and third-oldest public university in the state. Our arts programming reaches out to Hartford, New Haven, Boston, New York, and points in between.

Eastern Connecticut University Art Gallery offers the following art types and styles: