MOCA Westport – Museum of Contemporary Art

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MoCA Westport is a non-profit visual and performing arts organization that has been a cornerstone of the Westport, Connecticut community for over 50 years. In 2019, MoCA Westport underwent a significant expansion in order to bring extensive programming to the local community and greater New York and New England regions. The Museum’s mission is to build a deeper understanding of, and passion for, the arts by presenting thought-provoking and relevant arts experiences.

The Museum’s exhibitions present the art of today to build a dialogue, to affect our perceptions and beliefs, and to create transformative experiences. Featuring local to national to international artists, its exhibitions and supporting programming are designed to both reflect and critically examine our world. 

MoCA Westport also recognizes the value of performing arts in our lives, and strives to present a diversity of genres and performers to build community, provide entertainment, expose audiences to new experiences, and to create opportunities for emerging artists.  

In addition to hosting contemporary art exhibitions and performing arts events, The Academy at MoCA Westport supports the community by providing learning opportunities for all ages. The Academy is committed to programming that fosters a growth mindset in its participants, while blending visual arts, music, wellness and academic themes throughout its wide array of course offerings. The Museum’s “MoCA Gives Back” program is designed to identify and support the benefits of the healing arts for specific segments in the community, including veterans, breast cancer patients, children and adults with special needs, and other underserved populations.