Be a Press Assistant at MONOTHON2016 (Center for Contemp. Printmaking)

Planning is underway for MONOTHON2016 Printing week and Center for Contemporary Printmaking needs your help. This year the committee has implemented a new and easy way to sign up to be a Press Assistant by using Sign Up Genius. Please find the clickable link here Sign Up Genius and below.

Press Assistants work with artists and Master Printers all week long during the printing sessions and are invaluable to the Monothon event. Press assistants have a unique opportunity to learn and watch the artists and Master Printers work together to produce one of a kind prints. A detailed description of the Press Assistants responsibilities is available below.

Press Assistants:


Sunday, October 16
Monday, October 17
Tuesday, October 18
Wednesday, October 19
Thursday, October 20
Friday, October 21
Saturday, October 22

Time Slot 1 is 8 am- 2 pm; Time Slot 2 is 2:30 pm – 8 pm.

The Figure and the Monotype Monothon Sessions:

Saturday, October 1; 10 am – 4 pm

Youth Monothon Session:

Sunday, October 23; 10 am – 4 pm

To enter your chosen date and time click here to use Sign Up Genius.
If you do not wish to sign up using the new system, please call 203-899-7999 or e-mail Jackie Akers at [email protected] with your chosen date and time.

I would like to thank-you for your attention to this volunteer call for MONOTHON2016. We value our talented members and art loving friends that support the Center and anticipate your generous participation in this years’ MONOTHON2016 event.

I look forward to seeing you at MONOTHON2016 Printing Week!

Warm regards,
Jacqueline Akers
Office Manager/Membership Coordinator

What is a Press Assistant?

Press Assistants are essential to the success of the MONOTHON2016 fundraising event!! Each Press Assistant will be assigned to assist a Master Printer during a specific MONOTHON2016 time slot. The duration of your time slot includes cleanup.

The Press Assistant’s primary responsibilities are to maintain the surfaces and matrices for the artists under the direction of the Master Printer. Please be sure to follow any directions that are given to you by the Master Printer. The Master Printer will have detailed instructions as the session progresses.

The Press Assistant needs to be attentive to the needs of the situation. A positive and cooperative attitude is essential. Press Assistants are expected to stay at the printing station. If something is needed away from the press, ask a floor manager for assistance. Press Assistants are vital to the success of MONOTHON2016. We ask you to not use your cell phones during this period except in the case of an emergency.

A detailed instruction sheet will be sent on confirmation of your date and time.