The Center for Contemporary Printmaking: MONOTHON2015 Sign-Up

Artist printing dates for MONOTHON2015 are October 18th to 25th

MONOTHON2015 Party and Benefit Auction: November 14th at Lillian August Flagship Store, Norwalk, CT

MONOTHON: a marathon of monotype printmaking.
Help support the Center with your participation and meet up with friends and colleagues, old and new during the printmaking sessions and at the Auction & Party– which this year will be held once again at the Lillian August Flagship store in Norwalk.

MONOTHON2015 provides the opportunity for artists to work with Master Printers in art-intensive, five-hour sessions to create original monotypes. Each MONOTHON2015 artist is assisted by a Master Printer and a Press Assistant. All materials are provided; artists may create up to ten prints during each session. At the end of a session, one print from each artist is selected for exhibition and sale at the MONOTHON2015 Auction and Party, the celebration that is the culmination of the monotype marathon this year.

Download the MONOTHON2015 Sign Up Form